Friday, September 30, 2011

Proud of Clairemont - October 2011

by Lori Saldaña

This is my final call for photos for the special Veterans Day section next month. This holiday makes me think of my father, Frank Saldaña. Dad turns 84 on October 3, and first and foremost I want to wish him a very happy birthday!

In many ways, the major events in my dad’s life mirrored those of many seniors in Clairemont: 20 years in the Marine Corps, beginning with basic training at MCRD as a teenager right out of high school; active duty service during WW II and Korea; use of GI benefits to buy a home for his growing family and to pay for education to advance his job prospects; a second career as a reporter for the San Diego Evening Tribune, from 1965-1992; and, today, enjoying a long and active retirement with 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

This life path probably sounds familiar to many Clairemont residents. We are a community of active duty and veteran families, as evidenced by the DoD decals on car windshields and the roar of jets overhead.

So, as we prepare for the 100th anniversary of the original Veterans Day, let’s give thanks to the men and women who have served, and are serving today. Submit your photos, and plan to honor their sacrifice and service on November 11, and other days. Acknowledge the tremendous debt we owe them for protecting our standard of living and the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy today.

Once again- happy birthday dad! Thank you for your service to country, and for being such a great dad for me and my sisters!

I hope all our Clairemont veterans will be able to spend time with their families on November 11. Please be sure to send in your photos to include in next month’s newspaper. Printed photos cannot be accepted, so please scan them and email to no later than October 15th. If you need help scanning your photo(s), stop by the UPS Store in Clairemont Square for assistance and a discount.

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