Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Redistricting Means for Clairemont

by Lorie Zapf

As many of you are aware, the District 6 boundary lines are about to change. This year’s redistricting process has been especially complex due to the expansion of the City Council, something that has not occurred since 1963. My office has received many questions about the impact this will have on the Clairemont community, and we are working with the City Attorney to determine exactly what redistricting means for District 6.

There have been reports that the Final Redistricting Plan could take effect as soon as September 24,2011. However, this would leave people living in the new 9th District without representation at City Hall for over a year. This goes against the very purpose of redistricting: to give everyone fair and equitable representation. The City Attorney determined in an August 9th memo that “Councilmembers will continue to represent the people and territory of their current districts until December 3, 2012, when the new 9th District Councilmember is sworn in and qualified to serve the new district”. This conclusion is supported by the City Charter sections 270(a), 10 and 12.

This determination means I will continue to represent all of Clairemont until December 2012. After that date the portion of Clairemont west of Tecolote Canyon, including Bay Park and my own neighborhood of Bay Ho, and USD, Mission Bay Park and Morena will become part of District 2. That district will be represented by Councilmember Kevin Faulconer until his term expires in 2014. I will continue to represent the area of Clairemont that is east of Tecolote Canyon and the rest of the new Sixth District until 2014.

I have already begun working with Councilmember Faulconer to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible. Clairemont is my home, and I will continue to be very active in the community. If you have questions on redistricting, please contact my office at (619) 236-6616 or email me at

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