Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Black Friday in Clairemont

A group of protesters "occupied" the busiest intersection in Clairemont today.  Did you see them? What are your thoughts Clairemont?

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  1. I'm a clairemont resident. I live on derrick and southampton and I support Occupy 100%. I think it takes courage to speak up about these unpopular issues that affect all of us. I know people that were part of it and I can tell you personally, these people are not looking for a handout and many of them do have jobs. Please quit blaming the victims ( all of us by the way ). The banks are responsible for the devastating collateral damage they did to our economy with their reckless predatory subprime loans. What a horrible scam preying on people's dreams and issuing loans hardly anyone was QUALIFIED for !!!!! No one was held accountable !


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