Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Old Car Can Do Some Good!

This year has been tough on almost everyone because of the economy and the high unemployment. Americans are a very resilient people. Even during troubling times, they are always ready to lend a hand to someone who needs help and is struggling.

A great way to help a person or an animal in need is to donate that old car you do not use anymore to charity. The process is very simple, the pickup is free and the rewards are great.

In return for your generous donation, you will get the gift of a tax deduction when you itemize on your federal tax return. You will find hundreds of worthy charities to support with your car donation at Cars4Charities

Cars4Charities is a truly unique, not-for-profit, car donation center. When you donate a car, truck, van or SUV to their car donation center, they send the entire net proceeds to the charity you select from our extensive list.

For complete details, please call toll free 1.866.448.3487 or visit

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