Thursday, December 22, 2011

Only 9 Days Left to Donate for 2011 Taxes!

From our friends at Goodwill about donations at the end of the year.... (an awesome place to shop too, check out the book loft at the downtown location!)

There are only NINE days left to contribute to local non-profits and take advantage of IRS charitable deductions for 2011.

“We’ve got a line of cars at every donation center from the time we open until last call on New Year’s Eve which falls on a Saturday this year. You can bring your donations to Goodwill stores and donation centers from 8:30-5. It’s unbelievable the amount of donations we receive in one day. We encourage everyone to think ahead, maybe drop things off BEFORE the last day of the year- Goodwill is open 7 days (except Christmas Day) - it will save you time and stress,” added Beth Forsberg, Senior Director of Operations. 

Mike Rowan, CEO of Goodwill Industries of San Diego County said “New Year’s Eve is our busiest day of the year. Goodwill’s donation and transportation staff work tirelessly all over the county to accept clean reusable items during business hours, and to get them all under cover before they can close up for the day and join their families at home.“

Toni Giffin, Sr. Director of Human Resources and Support Services added “Your donated items become the fuel for our “job training” engine. From the time you donate, through the sorting, sale or recycling process you are creating employment and a future for your neighbors. Goodwill is here to help individuals develop the skills and confidence to change their own lives, and the lives of their families and their communities. Be an inspiration to those around you, and donate today.”


1. It’s the green thing to do, reduce, reuse, recycle (you know the drill).

2. You can donate the fair market value of your items at tax time.

3. Almost everyone has something they can donate to the cause - It’s easier than donating cash ($) and it makes you feel wonderful, especially in these times.

4. You don’t have to drive very far (Goodwill has over 30 donation centers & stores).

5. You can ride the trolley to donate (Amaya, 70th St, Main & Marshall, La Mesa Spring St) .

6. Goodwill makes it easy to donate before or after you shop, eat or play the slots at Viejas (on weekends, upper parking lot).

7. Open 7 days for your convenience (362 days anyway. Sorry about Christmas - but our employees like that day off too).

8. We take your computers and TVs FREE every day at 6 locations (Santee, Pt Loma, Vista, La Costa, Mira Mesa and San Ysidro).

9. You can see your donation in action (think “jobs”)!

10. You can buy presents and drop off donations at 13 locations to save gas. For more information see

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