Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help Choose Clairemont Cell Tower Design

From Ryan Trabuco, President Clairemont Town Council... 

Friends and Neighbors,
As per our meeting last week, for those of you could not attend, one of the lively and more interactive topics of discussion were the proposals of the Verizon Wireless Tower replacement at 6424 Mount Ada Road.

Representatives from Verizon Wireless were gracious enough to allow our Clairemont community to provide insight into the future plans for this site. Currently, an antiquated 130-foot cell tower stands at the site as seen in the picture. 

Verizon Wireless is looking to replace this structure -- with one of equal height -- based on a number of designs they've drawn up from the community input given at our last Town Council meeting.

I am unable to fit all of the pictures of the proposed options into this e-mail, however, you may view the different proposals here:

The five (5) options given include:

1. Slim-Line Monopole
2. Monopalm (Palm Tree)
3. Open Tower
4. Community Monument
5. Monopine (Pine Tree)

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are encouraging you to vote on the design on your choice. Also, we have an option for you to voice your opinion on the design of your choice -- so, if you have any constructive design ideas please share those thoughts and concerns with us.

All votes and comments will be tallied and presented to the Verizon Wireless representatives at our next Executive Board Meeting on February 23, and we will share the results with you and the Board's recommendation for an endorsement at our next General Meeting on March 1.

This is an incredible opportunity for Clairemont, and we're excited to hear from you on this exciting project.

Let's vote, Clairemont!

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