Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last month, I asked Clairemont Community News readers to let me know what topics they think should be addressed in this column. Over the course of the past few weeks I have received emails about a variety of topics, from utilities undergrounding to expanding the convention center. I will do my best to respond to all of your suggested topics over the next few months.

The most common request asked me to address the empty lot on the corner of Clairemont Drive and Denver Street. This lot is catty-corner to Bayview Plaza, which is another topic of concern for Clairemont residents. Like Bayview Plaza, the issue with this empty lot is a bit more complicated than the way it appears on the surface. I want to reassure everyone that my office and City staff are aware that the property is not being maintained, and fixing it has become a priority.

Neighborhood Code Compliance has been working diligently to try and resolve the issue. They have contacted the owners, who say that the property is not being maintained due to litigation. The developers originally had a plan for the property, and had begun construction with active permits, but the project has been abandoned due to financial hardship of both the developer and construction lending company.

The City and property owners have already addressed environmental concerns related to this abandoned construction site. The empty gas tanks that were once underground have been removed, and the lines have been capped. Code Compliance has also gone out to the property to remove signs, fix the fence, and remove graffiti. In the meantime, they are monitoring the property and are working to remove the new signs or graffiti that might spring up.

Code Compliance is also issuing a formal violation notice to the responsible parties that own the property to take care of their property. After this notice is issued, the owners must respond in a timely manner and bring the lot into compliance. All property owners are responsible for maintaining their property, prevent it from being a public nuisance, and keep it clean and sanitary. The violation notice will be issued this month, but Code Compliance has not yet determined which type of violation notice will be most appropriate for this particular case. If the property owners do not fix the eyesore and bring the lot into compliance in the specified amount of time, the City may fix the problems and bill the property owner.

I appreciate everyone’s concern about this problem intersection that is right at the gateway to our community. Over the next few weeks, I hope that we will see significant improvements made at this lot. If you notice new signs or graffiti at this lot, or anywhere in our community, please report it to Neighborhood Code Compliance by calling (619) 236-5500.

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