Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Deadline Tomorrow April 17th

Still working on your taxes? Here's a page of information and links 

from the Internal Revenue Service

1040 Central

Couple with a laptop computere-file logoJoin the nearly 80% of taxpayers - 112 million - who use IRS e-file.

Remember, your filing season deadline this year is April 17.
IRS goes mobile with IRS2Go, a smartphone application that lets you interact with the IRS using your mobile device. IRS2Go helps you get the information you need: whenever you need it, wherever you are.
Use Online Tools - below are just a few of the online services available:
What's new about reporting capital gains and losses this year?
Educating Your Employees About TaxesThese products may help employees with their tax responsibilities.
Targeted Tax Credits Certain credits are for certain people. Are you one of them?
Commonly Requested Forms and PublicationsHere is your one-stop source for all the IRS forms and publications you will need.
Facing Difficult Times Financially?Find the answers to What if? questions like: What if I can't pay? What if I lost my job? and other events like debt forgiveness or tapping a retirement fund.
Filing and PaymentsThe IRS is making it easier than ever for you to conduct business with us electronically.
Products and Services in Spanish and Other Languages.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
Are you or your spouse a member of the U.S. Armed Forces?
The tax laws provide some special benefits for active members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Tax PreparerYou are responsible for what's on your tax return, no matter who prepared it.
Receive Your Tax Refund as U.S. Savings Bonds.
Trying to grow your savings? Use all or part of your refund to buy Series I U.S. Savings Bonds. You can even split your refund between two or more accounts/uses.
Phishing and e-mail scamsProvides information on phishing and e-mail scams.
Taxpayer Advocate ServiceExperiencing economic harm? You may be eligible for TAS assistance.
Need more Assistance? The IRS wants to help; lots of information is available for Individuals and Businesses.

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