Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clairemontsters Defy the City With Flowers!

There's a small revolt happening in Clairemont! 

Regular readers will remember our first story ,  "Clairemont is Yarnbombed" , back in August of last year, when we all became aware of the 100 Stop Sign Flowers  project our anonymous neighbor "KnittingGuy" was working on.  6 months later, we saw the first of the flowers blooming around the neighborhood. 

Most recently, we heard from KnittingGuy the good news that all 100 stop sign flowers had been installed around Clairemont. Everyone seemed to love them, saying it made them smile when they saw one.    

Everyone except the City of San Diego that is. KnittingGuy was contacted by a representative from the City who said the flowers had to come down. He offered an explanation for KnittingGuy to post on the Stop Sign Flowers site.

News of the City's decision spread fast and the response from Clairemont was unhappy to say the least. Petitions were started, Facebook discussions lambasted the City and no less a personage than our City Councilmember Lorie Zapf asked constituents to write to her and to the Council in support of the flowers. 

Now it seems our neighborhood is showing the City how much they enjoy a spot of color and whimsy in defiance of the City's ruling against them. These shots of "sign flowers" were taken by Clairemont resident Lori SaldaƱa in a park in N. Clairemont. (We dare not list the exact location, lest we attract the attention of the anti-sign-flower patrol!)

Love the creativity and desire to liven up the neighborhood! Big thumbs up to the anonymous flower makers!


  1. I was one of many (I hope) who emailed Lorie Zapf stating my displeasure with the City's ruling that they had to come down. To date, I've not had a reply to my email.

    Basically, I pointed out the many other problems in Clairemont (so many potholes in our streets, etc.) which the City could put better use of taxpayer money into fixing.

    I asked...how many taxpayer dollars will it cost the City of San Diego to send out crews, trucks, salary, gasoline for the trucks and the employees' time to remove these 100 Stop Sign Flowers? Could not that money be better spent to IMPROVE things in Clairemont?

    I also commented on the fact that the stem and leaves do not detract one iota from the actual Stop Sign. In point of fact, they call attention to the Stop Sign, causing people to STOP LONGER and enjoy the beauty of this art form.

    This is so petty of the City of San Diego, as well as a complete WASTE$ of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to have the City remove them. Doesn't the City of San Diego have better things to do with their time and OUR $$$$$$$?


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