Friday, May 18, 2012

Dreading the Beach this Summer? Try Infinite Fitness for Infinite Results!

by Katie Brost 

Putting my laundry away last week, I came across last year’s bikini buried in the back of my underwear drawer. As I contemplated trying it on, I thought about the last several months spent sitting in front of my computer and in my arm chair reading—the occupational hazards of being a graduate student. Taking a deep breath (both for courage and to hold in my tummy) I decided there was no time like the present to see where I stood in the swimwear department.  

 As it turns out, arduous mental exercise does not a six-pack make. Luckily, I have been taking yoga classes with Clairemont yoga diva Laura Tompkins once or twice a week, and getting to the gym occasionally, so I wouldn’t be starting from square one. All the same I could see my butt and thighs were somewhere between jell-o and J Lo. 

Heather Ellis
That same day Janet Miller asked me if I had heard about this new awesome workout studio in Clairemont, Infinite Fitness. She said that she had been invited to check it out, and I would I like to come along? Ignoring the web site’s advisory that “This is a HARD class,” I seized the moment and said I would. So on Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m., Janet and took our first-ever class with Heather Ellis at Infinite Fitness Spinning + GRAVITY Studio.

The class was one hour, and alternated between resistance exercises on a Total Gym System and cardio work on stationery bikes (you might know this as “spinning”). Well, no one can accuse Heather of false advertising. This was, indeed, a hard class. We literally worked our buns off! I hadn’t worked out that hard in years. But really, it was everything a good workout class should be. Yes, it was hard, but Heather encouraged us every step of the way. She was also aware of our different fitness levels, and didn’t try to push us farther than we could go. 

 The class was intense but very do-able, and I left feeling like I had struck gold. I could tell instantly that doing this class twice a week or so would get me in beach condition in a matter of weeks, and would have long-lasting effects on my health and fitness once those weeks turned into months. 

 Looking for a way to treat yourself? Get off that office chair and into Infinite Fitness—you’ll be infinitely grateful that you did!

Some tips:
  • Class sizes are small. Call ahead to reserve your spot. 
  • Bring a towel—you will sweat! 
  • Stretch before you come. 
  • Come with a positive attitude, ready for a challenge. This is hard but you can do it! 
For more details about Infinite Fitness Spinning + GRAVITY Studio, visit their website at or call 858-354-7987

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