Friday, June 8, 2012

Clairemont Loses Community Leader

Long time Clairemont businessman and community volunteer Dave "Dave K" Konstantin passed away this week of mesothelioma at the age of 56.

Dave K
Owner of K-Co Construction, Inc., Mr. Konstantin was also the founder of the Clairemont Community News, which he sold in 2008 to his sister. As a community volunteer, he served as president of the Clairemont Town Council twice, was instrumental in building the Krause Family Skate Park and was the driving force behind determining and celebrating Clairemont's "birthday".  Mr. Konstantin was also a volunteer at A.R.T.S. and supported many non-profit organizations in San Diego with his time and with donations. He was known for his generosity and for operating K-Co with the highest standards of ethics and customer service.

Although professionally he was in construction (he was the "son of a son of a carpenter"), his real love was playing music. In his 40's he started playing drums in blues jam sessions around town and eventually became the touring drummer for Smokin' Joe Kubek, a famous Texas blues artist. During this time, he had the opportunity to play with and get to know many of his favorite blues musicians, and he often claimed he was "the luckiest man alive".

He leaves his wife of 21 years, Ruby, daughter Dalen,  son Chad Gardner, sister Janet Miller and a host of friends in Clairemont and around the world to miss his lively personality and warm loving soul.  A private service is pending.


  1. Dave K. was an incredible individual who will never be forgotten and always be missed. Thank you, Dave, for all that you have done for the Clairemont community.

  2. Loosing Dave K so early in his life is so painful to so many who knew him because he was an inspiration in his pursuit and achievement of his dreams while contributing positively to his family,community,and friends. We will always miss and love you Dave K.

  3. Dave was not only a "rock star" musically, but as a person. He was an inspiration to many. Dave's life was one amazing story after another. I am truly blessed to have known him and to call him my friend. I learned many things from Dave, but mostly he taught me how to be a friend. I miss him more than words can express. My life will never be the same. Thanks for everything Dave! Your friend for life and beyond.

    "The Late" Steve Dawson

  4. a loss for humans, California, Clairemont but a gain for God


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