Friday, June 1, 2012

Rock N Roll Marathon Road Closures in Clairemont Sunday

Clairemont don't forget, this Sunday, June 3rd, is the Rock n Roll Marathon.  Access to Clairemont/Bay Park from the 5 and from Morena Blvd. will be limited during the race. If you live in the area or need to travel through the area on Sunday, take a minute and visit the website to check out where and when roads will be closed.   Avoid having to be stuck in traffic by taking a few minutes to review the route and street closures.

This is a great event for San Diego, and raises lots of money for blood-borne cancers, but it is a little inconvenient for our neighborhood.

Here's a tip: if you feel hassled by having to drive a little extra to get where you are going on Sunday, think about how hassled you would be if you (or a loved one) had cancer.  Bet you'll find that extra few minutes was no big deal!

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