Wednesday, July 25, 2012

North City Youth Baseball Champs!

The North City Youth Baseball 7-year old all-star team won the So Cal West Zone championship in San Marcos yesterday!  
Front row (l-r) Davian Abelman, Ari Kligman, Tyler Trevino, Scott Sullivan, Noah Fabian, Evan Vavra
Middle row (l-r) Cody Christensen, Tanner Robles, Juan Nunez, Jackson Snipas, Colby Corlett, Manoah Chapman
Back row (l-r) Ramon Robles, Pablo Fabian, Rick Trevino, Eddy Mesillas
Congratulations to the players!
Davian Abelman - Manoah Chapman - Cody Christensen - Coby Corlett
Noah Fabian - Ari Kligman - Juan Nunez - Tanner Robles
Jackson Snipas - Scott Sullivan - Tyler Trevino - Evan Vavra

And to their coaches:
Ramon Robles - Eddie Mesillas - Pablo Fabian - Rick Trevino

Way to go!


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