Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sheriff's Department Announces Operation Chill

FREEZE! Do a good deed and get a cool treat from Sheriff's Deputies! Sheriff's Deputies are issuing a different kind of "ticket" to children this summer.

Don't be alarmed if deputies stop you along a bike path or sidewalk or call you over to the patrol car. This summer, deputies will "ticket" kids caught in the act of doing a good deed with Slurpee© beverage coupons. Each coupon can be redeemed for a small Slurpee© drink at 7-Eleven stores. It's all part of Operation Chill©, a community program that rewards kids for good behavior. 
Appropriate "offenses" include helping another person, participating in sports or community activities, wearing safety helmets when riding a skateboard or bicycle and riding in designated areas, looking both ways before stepping into the street, helping others cross the road, wearing a seat belt when riding in a car, picking up trash, demonstrating a caring attitude towards others, being a friend not a bully, and showing respect towards parents or elders.

Uniformed deputies can be intimidating to some kids, this program is an icebreaker. It's a way for deputies and children to connect. We want kids to know deputies are here and you can always talk to them.

Contact Information:
Corporal Caesar Perez
Poway Sheriff's Station

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