Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Farmers' Market News: High Protein Bread from Ricardoughs

Did you know you can purchase super high-nutrition breads at the Morena District Farmers’ Market? High protein, high fiber, Omega 3, and A├žai breads are some of the varieties made and sold at the market by Ricardoughs Organic Bakery of Ocean Beach. 
Owner and founder Ricardo Sampaio has more than 11 years of dedication to this delicious health bread and he believes “Your health starts with your food”. Ricardough’s bread is artfully handcrafted loaf by loaf; Organic wheat grains are ground into flour on a natural pink granite stone the same day the bread is baked, to assure maximum freshness. 
Find tasty sprouted bread that provides the highest nutritional values at Ricardough’s stand at the Morena District Farmers’ Market, 1240 W. Morena Blvd. between Toys R Us and Petco. The market is open on Tuesday evenings, from 3-7pm. You can also visit www. ricardoughs.com to find other places in San Diego that carry Ricardoughs bread.

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