Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letter from Lorie Zapf, Councilmember District 6 - August 2012

Lorie Zapf
In the May 2012 issue of the Clairemont Community News, I addressed the empty lot on the corner of Clairemont Drive and Denver Street, across from Bayview Plaza. The lot had fallen into a state of disrepair, and my office had received numerous complaints from Clairemont residents requesting that it be addressed. We contacted Neighborhood Code Compliance and began the process to clean up the eyesore at the “gateway to our community”.

In May, Neighborhood Code Compliance issued the property owners a formal violation notice that required them to maintain and clean up the vacant lot. I am pleased to announce that the property owners have since brought the lot into compliance with City standards. They have been working with Code Compliance to address the outstanding issues, including the porta-potty, which will be removed from the property shortly. Unfortunately, as the property is still in litigation, there are no plans to develop the site in the near future.

Additionally, my staff has had a preliminary meeting with the new owners of Bayview Plaza, which is across the street from this lot, and I am hopeful that they will work with the community to create plans for development of that property.

I am appreciative of all the Clairemont residents who have contacted my office about the state of these two properties over the past few months. Since neither of these properties have development plans in the immediate future, it is possible that they may not be kept up to our neighborhood standards. If you notice new signs or graffiti at this lot, or anywhere in our community, please report it to Neighborhood Code Compliance by calling (619) 236-5500.

Also, on Saturday, August 4 th I will be at the 23 rd Clairemont Family Day. Please stop by my booth and meet me and my staff. We would love to hear your suggestions on innovative new ways to strengthen the Clairemont community and our way of life.

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