Friday, November 30, 2012

A Little Local Nature for Friday Morning!

Notes from The Great Backdoors
by Barb Graham

Around this time of year, a new crop of baby Western Fence Lizards have hatched and can be seen sunning on a fence, or scuttling away from gardeners. Commonly known as "blue-bellies" from the male's brilliant blue-purple throat and belly patches, they feed on insects and are preyed upon by small raptors, king snakes and cats.

Some people believe they are poisonous because of the male's bright colors. This is false, the only poisonous lizards in the U.S. are the Gila Monster and the Beaded Lizard, neither of which are found in Bay Park. Western Fence Lizards are harmless, and any kid can tell you, very fast and hard to catch! Probably the most common lizard found in yards along with the alligator lizard.

Female on pelergonium. This female blends in well with the plant, I only spotted her because she was rustling.

 Happy couple on the cinderblock wall

Male bluebelly displaying his robust build and markings.

This female took up residence inside a metal turtle sculpture in the yard

Barb Graham is a writer and avid explorer of Clairemont/Bay Park's jewel, Tecolote Canyon. 

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