Thursday, December 20, 2012

Win Free Taxi Rides with Your Anti-DUI Photos!

California Office of Traffic Safety Launches DUI Crackdown
Not Driving” Instagram contest winners can get FREE taxi rides

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is providing federal funding for high visibility DUI enforcement this holiday period and will reinforce the message to bar-goers to plan for a safe ride home. 

This year’s efforts also include a new addition to the popular “RUOK?” anti-drunk driving campaign, which reinforces the message that if you have to ask someone if they’re okay to drive, they’re probably not. 

To win the “Not Driving” Instagram contest participants are asked to follow OTS on Instagram, upload photos that demonstrate their safe ride home, and add a “not driving,” caption and a #RUOK hashtag. Contest winners can receive taxi ride vouchers, donated by Taxi Magic, its participating fleets and other OTS partners. 

"Wrapped" car similar to those planned for San Diego
The new spin on the “RUOK?” campaign emphasizes the importance of safe and sober rides. The campaign takes aim at popular nightlife areas in four major cities throughout the state: Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego. “Wrapped” cars which are made to look like law enforcement cruisers in the front and taxi cabs in the rear will be placed in high-traffic areas every weekend during the crackdown. 
 These engaging displays will help remind patrons of popular bars and restaurants that every night out can end safely by taking sober and responsible modes of transportation home rather than risk a trip to jail by driving drunk. 

Each car will be accompanied by a street team that will distribute materials that highlight rides home that are both normal – taxi, sober friend – and ridiculous – pirate ships and giant chickens. This effort, which helps to support the ongoing “RUOK?” campaign launched in 2011, highlights in a creative and engaging way that no matter how ridiculous the ride may be, as long as it is a safe and sober ride, it is the right choice. 

These materials also include a QR code linking users to a GPS-enabled cab-finder mobile website, which they can use to search for a nearby cab. 
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