Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Dear CC News:

I am Kim Schultz, owner of Kim Cares Electronic Help , and a new Clairemont Community News advertiser. Not only does the CCNews have my phone ringing, but it has caused me to reach out to other local businesses who are also advertising in the paper.

Kim Schultz
If you had a chance to see last month’s issue and read the article about me and my business (thank you Janet!), you know that besides offering easy-to-understand electronics assistance, my husband and I play guitar and bass. In the same issue we saw a new business advertised called Hale Ukulele . We have been dying to learn ukulele and decided to go check him out. About thirty minutes later we walked out of the store with a beautiful maple Kamoa concert ukulele, a tuner, a Beatles ukulele book and an awesome t-shirt.

The owner, Rick, was a really cool and very knowledgeable guy. He also happened to mention that the Clairemont Community News office was located just a few doors away. Now I can check out ukuleles, say hi to Janet and drop off my check for advertising all in the same place!

We have an awesome community that just keeps getting better and better. Let’s all help each other and shop local!

Kim Schultz

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