Thursday, February 28, 2013

City Council District 6 Update

By Lorie Zapf

As your councilmember, I am required to weigh in on many issues that affect our neighborhoods. Often, my staff and I are asked about my opinion on a specific land use project in our community before it comes before the City Council, for example the Balboa Mesa project.

State law is very clear that on land use projects, Councilmembers are to act as fair, unbiased judges. When the Council acts in this capacity, the decisions made are considered final and are not subject to a mayoral veto. If a City Councilmember weighs in on a specific project before the fair public hearing at the Council meeting, that Councilmember will have to recuse themselves and will not be allowed to vote on the item. This would leave that Council District without a voice on the project. I firmly believe that I can best serve the communities who have chosen me to represent them by allowing my voice to be heard when the full City Council is taking a project under consideration. To ensure that this remains possible, I will hear the pros and cons of each land use project by both supporters and opponents, and will wait to make my final decision until that Council meeting.

I very much appreciate hearing from constituents on potential projects in your local neighborhoods. If you have any questions, or would like to voice your opinion, please contact my staff at (619) 236-6616.


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  2. Dear Council Member Zapf
    As a resident of the Clairemont community directly affected by the Balboa Mesa project I am glad to hear that it is not the "done deal" that we have been led to believe. Redevelopment of this center is something we all want but it can be accomplished without the need for a significant rezoning. I look forward to discussing my concerns in person. Thank you, Debra


Thank you for your comment.