Monday, February 25, 2013

In Rhythms Yoga: Monday Morning Yoga Pose

Strike a pose and sit tall and confident! By simply twisting your torso, you can create a healthy spine, create opening in the chest and shoulders, while improving digestion and releasing toxins in the internal organs! Sit in Seated Spinal Twist. This posture gives immediate results, relief in the back, shoulders, and chest!

Important: If you have a back or spine injury or condition for which you are seeing a physician, please check with your doctor to get consent to practice yoga. Honor your body and do what feels good. If a pose hurts, gently come back out.

To Do the Posture: Come to a seat and extend legs out in front of you. Lift right leg and place your right heel close to your left buttock. Option to keep this variation for twist or continue to bend your left leg up towards your right buttock, left heel near right buttock. Plant both feet firmly on the ground. If your feet won’t plant or your buttocks want to come off of the ground when legs are crossed, keep one leg extended at all times during the twist.

Bring your right palm and plant it behind your back. Inhale and lift your left arm and twist it over your right leg, hook your elbow at your right knee or grab for your left foot. On the inhale, lengthen the torso and grow taller, and on the exhale twist a little deeper. Maintain a tall spine, do not hunch the back. Twist as far as it is comfortable. Allow the neck and gaze to follow in the twist. Stretch the eyes further to stretch the sockets of the eyes. Hold for 3-5 breaths and gently release. Extend both legs in front to neutralize the spine and then do the same thing to the opposite side.

Take a moment to feel the release in your spine, be grateful for a healthy spine and all that it does for you for you in your daily life. Move with grace and confidence as you move throughout your day.

Thank yourself for taking the time to care for your spine,
In Rhythms Yoga, Christi Iacono

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