Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do Your Kids Play Sports at Hickman Fields?

My name is Peter Fayette, I am the volunteer Project Coordinator for the Hickman Improvement Project (“HIP”), an initiative begun by the Hickman Youth Athletic Association, an eight member organization, and operator of Hickman Athletic Fields in Kearny Mesa. The organizations are Clairemont Colt and Clairemont Pony Leagues, St. Augustine High School, Mesa Soccer Association, Nomads Soccer, North City Youth Baseball, PowerSurge Girls softball, and UC Del Sol girls softball.

I am writing because there is an important community meeting coming up that will impact the future of Hickman Field, and the young athletes who play there. Below is the City notice containing the pertinent information about the meeting location, date, and time.

I understand that Hickman Field is not located within Clairemont, but the facility hosts kids from throughout Clairemont and beyond. The primary issue confronting us today, is the City’s Park and Recreation and Planning Department’s insistence on placing an aquatic center and gymnasium at the site, and replacing the existing Mustang baseball field, which will leave 9-10 year olds without their “field of dreams.” 
These baseball fields have been in continuous use for over 44 years, and have seen thousands of our local kids play their entire youth baseball careers there. Let’s make sure the City does the right thing by our kids.

We have a petition that will be delivered to Mayor Filner, and Park & Recreation Director Stacy LoMedico, asking that they direct the staff at the respective departments to re-evaluate this idea, and at a minimum, look for alternative locations, if they are adamant about spending tax dollars on a new pool.

Those interested in voicing their opinions on either side of the issue are asked to attend. If you have any questions you may contact Peter Fayette at 619.459.7909, or via e-mail at pfayette@blaugranasolutions.com.

Hickman Fields Athletic Area
§ MEETING DATE: March 20, 2013
§ MEETING TIME: 6:00 p.m.
9192 Topaz Way, San Diego, CA 92123

COUNCIL DISTRICT/COMMUNITY: Council District 6 & 7 / Serra Mesa, Kearny Mesa and Clairemont
PROJECT LOCATION: 5250 Hickman Field Drive, San Diego, CA 92111
PROJECT SCOPE: The scope of work includes amending the General Development Plan (GDP) of the 44-acre athletic area to include additional sports fields, a recreation center, a multi-use aquatic complex, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, parking, security and parking lot lighting, children’s play area and comfort stations/concession stands.
PROJECT SCHEDULE: GDP Amendment: Summer 2013
PROJECT BUDGET: Current funding: $500,000
This meeting is to present and request community input regarding the proposed alternatives to amend the General Development Plan including different options, costs & phasing.
PROJECT CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS: Ana Del Rincon, Project Manager
(619)-533-7412 or e-mail: adelrincon@sandiego.gov

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