Monday, March 4, 2013

In Rhythms Yoga: Monday Morning Yoga Pose

Cultivate balance, strength, and concentration in Tree Pose! Balancing postures in yoga help to bring balance in the body as well as in the mind. Stand tall and proud and grow your tree limbs! 

Kids can use their imagination and imagine themselves as an apple or palm tree. They can place an apple on their head for extra challenge or “blow” in the wind as if they were palm leaves blowing at the beach!

Important: If you have an injury or condition for which you are seeing a physician, please check with your doctor to get consent to practice yoga. Honor your body and do what feels good. If a pose hurts, gently come back out.

Tree Pose: bring the soles of the feet together on your mat or on the floor. Bring your palms together at your heart. Feel rooted in the ground as if you had roots extended into the earth. Gaze at a non-moving object ahead of you for focus. Shift your weight to the left foot. Lift your right leg and grab your ankle with your right hand. Place the sole of your foot at the ankle, calf, or inner thigh of your left leg, avoid placing the foot at the knee joint. Bring palms back to your heart. Lift the chest, press your right foot into your left leg and subsequently press your standing leg into your foot for a strong foundation. If you feel balanced and you want to move on, lift your arms over your head to grow your “tree branches”. Keep your gaze steady, and your breath flowing. For more of a challenge, close your eyes or lift the gaze to the ceiling. Hold for 3-5 breaths and slowly come out.

Shake out your legs, and take the opposite side. This is a standing meditation. Go into your day, notice the things in nature that bring you joy. In yoga, we stretch and take-on poses to resemble things in nature, and take on their characteristics as well. Walk confident and stand tall and grounded like a tree throughout your week!

In Rhythms Yoga

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