Monday, March 18, 2013

In Rhythms Yoga: Monday Morning Yoga Pose

Need a challenge to break-through a barrier or mental obstacle in your life? Perhaps you feel “stuck” or have you hit a plateau? Find a strong presence in Plank Pose to challenge yourself on a physical level to learn to better deal with mental and emotional difficulties in your daily life while strengthening your arms, wrists,
core, and legs.

Important: If you have an injury or condition for which you are seeing a physician, please check with your doctor to get consent to practice yoga. Honor your body and do what feels good. If a pose hurts, gently come back out. Extra caution to individuals with carpel tunnel syndrome in this pose .

To perform Plank:
Come to your hands and knees in a table-top position. Look down at your palms and spread your fingers wide like a star-fish. Check that your palms are aligned under your shoulders (shoulder-width distance apart). Make sure that your knees are aligned under your hips (hip-width distance apart). 
Extend your legs long and straight behind you. Feet are still spread hip-width distance. Is this is too hard to hold at first, drop to the knees, you can build strength over time. Hold in supported plank with knees on the ground or try one knee straight, and one knee on the ground at a time. 

Now for the intricacies of the posture. These are the micro-movements which help to build strength in the posture and help you learn to build strength and resiliency in your daily life . Your palms press firmly into the earth. Keep the neck, the cervical spine long, gaze down at the floor or yoga mat. Feel the shoulder blades firm on  the back. Feel the chest open, the space in between in your collarbones spreading apart. Don’t let the hips dip downward towards the earth; if they do, rest on the knees and go for a second set. Over time you will build arm strength.

Thank yourself for challenging yourself to become stronger in body, mind, and spirit!

Christi Iacono
In Rhythms Yoga
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