Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Finance Program Makes Getting Solar Easier Than Ever

Local business helps San Diego homeowners go green with no out-of-pocket expense.
By Ken Justo

My wife and I would like to install a solar system in our house, but we aren’t sure we can handle the up-front expenses. Are there financing options available in today’s economy?— Solar Wannabe

I am happy to answer your question with a big — YES! ASI Hastings (The White Glove Guys) has teamed up with San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union to bring San Diego homeowners the best solar finance options ever. With these new finance options homeowners can invest in a new solar system and make money the first day without any out-of-pocket expense. It’s just incredible, for the first time in history, homeowners can cost-effectively take complete control of their monthly electric bill. I know many of us are sick and tired of utility and oil companies raising rates seemingly any time they want. But now homeowners can take back control by building their own Clean Green Solar power station and getting free energy for the next 25 to 30 years; it’s a beautiful thing and we can help make it happen.

Tax Credits plus Incredible Low Rate Financing
Rates starting at 4.99% and generous flexible terms are available on approved credit. The current finance program is fantastic — in nearly every case the monthly investment is significantly less than the utility savings, so the system winds up paying for itself from day one. When you combine this with federal tax credits up to 30% as well as incentives through the California’s Solar Initiative (CSI), it really turns into a no-brainer. This is definitely the time for homeowners to take advantage of our current no cost in-home evaluation.
Returns (ROI) over 10% and 20%
If you’re a homeowner who has money put aside earning about 1%, an ASI Hastings solar system can also prove to be an excellent investment. ASI reports homeowner returns on investment commonly running between 10% and 25%. Although each home is unique, the numbers are guaranteed and what could be safer than investing in the sun?

Power Production Guaranteed
There is absolutely no risk to the homeowner. Once the new solar system is installed the power production is guaranteed. What’s really terrific is the homeowner can actually go online and verify their electric production. How cool is that? They can even look at the production history of each individual panel. I personally check mine all-time, it’s a kick in the pants watching the savings accumulate.

Free Evaluation for Homeowners
Simply call ASI for your free in-home energy evaluation. ASI feels the most important part of the solar process is learning each homeowner’s individual needs, desires, and expectations. It quickly becomes evident why ASI Hastings is a cut above all the competition. ASI designed solar systems will be generating power for the next 25 to 30 years and much of that is because their “white glove” trained technicians “get it right” from the beginning. Oftentimes during our initial assessment we find ways of reducing energy usage immediately for the homeowner — even before installing a new solar system. This in turn allows us to go with a smaller solar system for the homeowner saving them even thousands of dollars more — it’s a win-win deal for the consumer. I hope we can convey to the public what a tremendous advantage they’ll have by calling for their free in-home evaluation.

Call ASI Hastings Heating, Air and Solar at 877-738-8816 to get your free in-home energy evaluation. For your convenience appointments are currently available weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

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