Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3 Common Misconceptions About Shelter and Rescue Dogs

By Suzanne Deal, Second Chance Dog Rescue

Shelter and Rescue Dogs All Have Behavior Problems
Untrue. Animal shelters give dogs behavior tests. If the dog shows serious aggression, they are not put up for adoption.

Many lovable, healthy dogs are given up by owners for a variety of reasons. Financial difficulties or the death of the owner are common reasons. Owners also relinquish their pets when they get an overseas job. Breeders dump their female dogs when they can’t produce any more product for them.  Both shelters and rescues provide information about a dog and its behavior. Some dogs thrive in one environment and are unsuited for others. For example, some dogs are great being handled by young children while others do best in adult-only homes. If you are thinking of getting a dog, evaluate your needs and lifestyle and pick a dog that will fit best.
It is Easier to Adopt a Child than a Dog
Untrue. I hear this often. You are dealing with the wrong organization if this is your experience. Second Chance Dog Rescue has a two page application. The purpose of the application is to make sure the dog you are interested in is a good fit for you. This is why we ask if you’ve ever potty trained a dog, if you have children, and what characteristics you are looking for in a dog. If your application is approved at an adoption event, you take the dog home the same day. Reasons your application might be turned down: "I got rid of my last dog because it shed/barked too much." "I want another little dog because my Akita killed my Yorkie." "My landlord doesn’t allow pets, but I plan to move soon."

There Are No Puppies in Shelters
Untrue. There are so many dogs under a year old that end up in the Chula Vista and Bonita Animal shelters, especially Maltese, poodle mixes, and Chihuahuas. Often, animal shelters don’t have the room or the staff to care for litters of very young puppies and ask rescue organizations to take pregnant dogs or litters without the mothers. The shelter environment is very stressful for the mother dog and the puppies can be exposed to diseases. If you want a young puppy, check out rescues. Second Chance Dog Rescue always has Chihuahua mix puppies. We also have had litters of poodles, Doxies, labs, Shepherd mixes, and single purebred and mixed puppies of just about every type imaginable.

Adopt, don’t shop! Save a life. 

Saturday, April 27th from 10am-2pm Second Chance will have an adoption event at the Pet People  at 5667 Balboa Avenue in the Von's/Kohl's shopping center.

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