Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golfers:Improve Your Game! New App From Clairemont Golf Teacher

Are you one of the many frustrated golfers looking to improve your game? If so, then lifelong Clairemont resident Devin Fitzmaurice has developed an app that may be just what you are looking for. Being firmly committed to changing the way golf is taught and learned, Devin and his team at Zeroline Golf developed the innovative golf instruction tool - Golf MTRx ™. 
Devin Fitzmaurice
Screen shot of app in action
Golf MTRx™ is a newly launched smartphone application that improves the swings of golfers by analyzing hip mechanics during swings and prescribing solutions for swing flaws. The app recognizes a golfer’s best swing and helps him or her repeat it, bridging the gap between practice and play. 

Using a patent pending swing recognition technology, Golf MTRx™ measures a golfer’s hip mechanics including: backswing, impact, and finish turn angles; tempo; rotational speed in degrees per second; acceleration; and deceleration during a golf swing. The app then sends precise and relevant metrics back to the user and provides helpful drills specific to his or her individual hip metrics.
Always committed to teaching the game he loves, Devin is the Co-owner of San Diego Golf Institute, volunteers his time to high school golf teams and consults with college golf teams on game strategy and tactics. He lives in Clairemont with his wife, Angela and his two sons, Nolan (age 11) and Jack (age 8). 

Golf MTRx, which sells for $29.99, is now available for iPhone® and iPod touch® devices in the Apple App Store SM . Additional information about the application can be found at .

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