Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother’s Day: Great Tech Gift Ideas for Modern Moms

You may not think your mom is “cool,” but is she hip when it comes to technology? If you have a tech savvy mom, skip the order on the flower bouquet and treat her right this Mother’s Day with the latest gear. 

Entertain Her 
If your mom is a regular traveler, she may need some company. When you can’t join her on her journeys, send her along with the next best thing, a portable media storage and entertainment device. Look for a fuss-free device that requires no data plan or Internet connection. Or load up Mom’s e-reader with some great reads she can take with her wherever she goes. Subscribe her to a magazine or newspaper, or download the complete works of her favorite author.    
Motivate Her
Is your mom a fitness enthusiast? Does she want to be one? Help her track her goals and stay motivated with a gadget that records physical activity. For example, a FitBit is a wireless activity tracker that counts the user’s steps and calories, synching those stats to a computer or smartphone.

Upgrade at Home
If your mom loves watching movies or listening to music from her PC, considering improving her experience. A new all-in-one PC, the ENVY TouchSmart 23 from HP, has an intuitive touch platform that is both a sleek space-saver and a highly-performing machine. Not only does it make for a great entertainment center within the home, it also allows you to remotely play music, videos and more from your mobile devices.

Get Personal
In the past you may have helped your mom look chic by adorning her with jewelry. Now you can do the same by dressing up her technology. There are plenty of skins out there to fit your mom’s smartphone,
notebook and other devices. Don’t worry if you can’t find a design you like. Some companies let you create your own by uploading favorite photos.

This year, there’s no need to disappoint your techie mom. Show her how much you love her by helping her stay up-to-date.

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