Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Second Chance Dog Rescue: Meet Bulldozer!

Bulldozer is a 9-week-old male English bulldog/cattle dog mix.

This little boy has ridiculously soft fur, and a loopy bowlegged bulldog gait. He loves to follow his people around the house, plays with other dogs, and sleeps in a crate at night. 

He was purchased from a breeder in Arizona by a couple who were surprised that he peed so much, so they relinquished him to Second Chance Dog Rescue. 

Although he looks like a little stuffed animal, he will need to be potty trained. He currently weighs 12 pounds, and will probably be a solid 40 pounds when full grown. He will also probably be a pretty active dog. 

If you are interested in meeting Bulldozer, fill out an application at www.secondchancedogrescue.org. To meet other available dogs come to our adoption event at the La Jolla Pet People, Saturday, May 18th from 11:00-2:00.


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  2. The owners "were surprised that he peed so much, so they relinquished him". Do dogs pee? I did not know that.
    Please be a responsible pet owner and think before you get a "cute" dog. They eat, pee, poop, chew, bark, lick, sneeze, scratch, dig, and grow bigger!


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