Saturday, June 15, 2013

Exclusive Photos: Fitness Center Fire Aftermath

As most of Clairemont knows, the fitness center building on Clairemont Drive across from Keils burned in a three-alarm fire last night. The building, which many older Clairemont residents know as the former home of the Jack LaLanne Fitness Club, was in the process of being remodeled. A source at the scene said the damage to the 50's-era building is so severe, there is a possibility that it will need to be demolished.

Firefighters remained on the scene this morning because the inside was deemed a collapse hazard; consequently no one could go inside to verify the fire was completely out.  Other businesses next to the gym have been impacted as well. Mission Bay Nite and Day Traffic School is without power or water at this time, leaving Steve DeBry with a list of students to notify that class today is canceled. Coincidently, DeBry's former location above nearby Champ's was damaged in a fire as well when the bar burned a few years ago.


  1. We were eating at Mountain Mike's last night watching the firemen work to put it out. Each time it looked like they were beating it back it would flare up again. Around 10:15 we bought 4 giant pizzas and the manager at Mtn Mike's donated a bunch of 2-liters and took it over to the firemen. Many were laying on the lawn, clearly exhausted, but climbed to their feet when they saw the food. They must have been starving. What an amazing group of people.

    1. Hooyah David. That's awesome. I salute you.

    2. I agree, that is recognizing their heroic efforts. I live just a block away from the fire and watched them battle it, it was scary!


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