Thursday, June 27, 2013

SDG&E Chairman and CEO Announces Rate Increases of 15-30%

I am writing you today to share information regarding some of the region’s energy challenges, some important changes in the coming months, and some help in reducing the effect on your household.

While the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has created an untimely reduction in our region’s energy resources, we have taken steps to ensure a reliable supply of energy for the region. At the same time, we have revitalized our network with smart technology that will allow you to more efficiently control your energy use - especially during peak demand times. We have been increasing the supply of clean, renewable energy like solar and wind. And, we have made the ongoing delivery of energy more efficient through modernization and upgrades.

These are important investments to assure a continued high level of energy service for the future, but they do come with added expense. In addition, the cost of producing and delivering the renewable energy we all desire is more expensive than traditional sources. I am letting you know that as a result, about a quarter of our customers will see a noticeable increase in their bills in September.

What can you expect? Based on your historical energy use, you are likely to be affected by this increase. If your bill is typically around $100 a month, you will see an increase of about $15. If your bill is usually about $250 a month, you will see an increase of around $75.
We understand that increased costs can cause belt-tightening in any household. So you would be right in asking what we are doing to lower costs and operate as efficiently as possible on behalf of customers. Here are a few of the steps we have taken:

Switched out 90% of our passenger fleet vehicles to high-mileage or clean-energy vehicles
Installed smart switches on our electric system to help with service reliability
Saved over $2 million annually on paper and postage with online services
Cut our own energy and water consumption by over 20%
Substantially increased our ability to import lower-cost power into the region

We have set up a special website to provide more details on this upcoming change. I invite you to visit this site at and if you have further questions, please call us toll-free at 855-846-7174.

Our goal is to help all of our customers find ways to manage energy costs with efficiency programs, rebates and new energy management tools. In the coming weeks we will be communicating with you again, providing what I hope will be helpful information to meet your energy needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Thank you.


Jessie J. Knight Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  1. Wow, a 30% increase because San Onofre has closed. Back in the 70's when they fired up the 2nd segment of San Onofre, our utility bill went up 100%; from $25 per month to $50. It's a lose/lose situation. The consumer gets screwed coming and going.

  2. It is because Jessie runs a business and in business the only objective is to make MORE money. What I hate is all the BS they feed us about how they are making sacrifices and improvements to their system and that is the reason they need to raise prices. They are raising prices because despite all the efficiencies they create they still need profits to go up so Jessie's stock can increase in value. That is the ONLY reason.

  3. Just because SDGE is supposedly managed by the CPUC (HA, they're all execs from SDGE or parent companies, who's side do you think they're on?) and "guaranteed" a profit, doesn't mean that profit shouldn't be reduced due to mismanagement and screwups by the company.

    I'd sure like a company that regardless of how poorly run, I was guaranteed a "profit".

    The money for San Onofre and the fires should come from their profits, NOT the rate payers.

    We already pay the HIGHEST rates for electricity in the country. I wonder who's profiting from that? Certainly not me.


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