Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beer Fans: New Feature Coming

Daily List of What's on Tap
Clairemont Central is proud to announce that we will have a new weekly feature starting next week!

Every Wednesday beer fans can look forward to a blog posting from our friends at Home Brew Mart by Ballast Point.  It might be a food and beer pairing suggestion, an explanation of beer terms or some fun info about the history of beer.

If you haven't been down there and you consider yourself a fan of craft beer, you owe it to yourself to put a stop at Home Brew Mart, 5401 Linda Vista Rd. on your to-do list.  Along with everything you need to brew your own "Clairemont Pale Ale" or "Bay Park Belgian", there's a tasting room with appetizers available, along with a long list of craft beers. Check the website for the daily list and watch this space for beer-loving info!

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  1. I got to Home Brew Mart at least once a week. This is a multiple award winning brewery and beer tasters are only $1.


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