Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bulletin: Meeting TODAY re:Pool at Hickman Field

There is a community meeting TODAY (July 10) about putting a pool at Hickman Field. For more information about the meeting: click here to read the flyer.

There have been conflicting letters of support and opposition on this project, and city leaders have only heard from a handful of people. Clairemont Town Council has not taken any position on this, so we need to hear from you -- the community!

If you could please send an e-mail in either support or opposition to the pool, or better yet -- attend the meeting, it would be greatly appreciated.

Clairemont Community News had previously posted on their blog about improvements to Hickman Field earlier this year. To read that post: click here.

Please send your comments to: loriezapf@sandiego.gov


Ryan Trabuco

Clairemont Town Council


  1. Why would Clairemontians care?....Hickman Field is in Kerny

  2. Residents of Clairemont should care. They are using funds for Clairemont to build the pool.


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