Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Help the Hungry: CCSA Cash4Food Campaign Through July

Community Christian Service Agency (CCSA)  Cash4Food CAMPAIGN

The goal of CCSA’s Cash4Food Campaign is to raise $14,000 by July 31, 2013 specifically for the purchase of food.  

For individual and business donors who want to help their neighbors in need, the Cash4Food Campaign is an opportunity to make contributions which are directed specifically to the purchase of food.  Your ongoing, generous food donations fulfill all but a small portion of CCSA’s food needs. We use food purchases only to supplement your donations.This is an opportunity to receive great value for the dollars you contribute!

Your cash donations:
  • Help ensure that CCSA has sufficient food for those in need this summer and fall 
  • Enable CCSA to take advantage of below-retail prices at the  Food Banks - stretching the value of every dollar donated.
  • Make it possible for CCSA to purchase food to provide a balanced grocery bag for our clients.
  • Help CCSA meet its 2013 budget.

Here's how you can make a donation:
Mail a check to: CCSA Cash4Food, 4167 Rappahannock, San Diego CA 92117.

Use PayPal: Go to the CCSA website, click on "donate now" and send the webmaster an e-mail stating that your donation is for “Cash4Food.”

For more information, go to the CCSA website, You can also watch the website to see our progress toward our $14,000 goal.

Please make your donations AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Remember only the first $14,000 will be specially earmarked for food purchases. If we exceed our goal, per CCSA policy, excess funds collected will be used to support CCSA’s operations.

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