Monday, July 8, 2013

In Rhythms Yoga: Monday Morning Yoga Pose

Take it “easy” with yoga in your backyard! Find connection and meaning in Easy Pose, Sukhasana. Can you find more “soulfulness” daily?

To perform easy pose, sukhasana with hand gesture, chin mudra: come to a comfortable cross-legged seat, if possible. Option to sit on a block or a folded-blanket to elevate the hips over the knees. If uncomfortable in cross-legged seat, option to bring the soles of the feet to touch and open the knees like a book, baddha konasana. 

If in cross-legged seat, gently work to line-up the heels under the knees. Inhale, sit tall and lift the chest and crown of the head towards the sky, so that you can breathe with maximum blood flow up and down the entire spine. Exhale to allow the shoulders to roll down the back, creating space in between the ears and the shoulders. Close the eyes or soft gaze at the fingertips. Sit tall and proud, as if you were royalty.

Feel the shoulder blades firm to the back. Draw the core inward towards your spine, and knit your lower ribs in towards each other so that you chest is not sticking out. Notice the pelvis and work to neutralize the pelvis evenly towards the earth. Feel the sitting bones touching the earth and the support and connection to the earth.
Allow the palms to rest on the thighs open to the sky. Connect the thumb and forefinger, creating a circle with the index finger to the thumb allowing for connection to the energetic self. Chin mudra, the hand gesture, is a small but powerful way to form an “energy seal” in the body. The Chin mudra will allow for a deeper connection to your true self, your exposed heart and your intentions. The three extended fingers lay open towards the sky but reaching towards the earth.

Quiet the mind, tune into the breath and visualize the breath moving up and down the spine. If the mind wants to wander bring your attention back to the breath. Practice being non-reactive to your thoughts, practice patience, and be non-judgemental to whatever thoughts arise. It is natural for the mind to jump around and distract us from being present, it is with intention and awareness that we practice calming the activity and business of the mind.

Begin to notice the feeling of “lightness” in the body. Feel and connect to the clarity in the mind. Allow the healing energy of the breath to move and create space in all the major joints in the body. Feel gravity open the hips, allow burdens and negativity to roll off of the shoulders. Find happiness, release and connection to the self.

Finding a place or activity where you can heal, nourish, and connect to your spiritual side is a very personal activity towards wellness, finding everyday contentment and overall happiness. Where do you find deep connection and self-reflection abundant?

Is it in nature, a place of worship, or in the comforts of your home? Perhaps you find yourself most connected while doing a simple activity, like art, journaling, walking, surfing, meditation or yoga? Create inspiration, manifest healing, and bring connection and understanding to come closer to living your fullest expression of yourself, finding bliss, that joyful state of happiness and elevate yourself and others around you.

Whatever you choose to find connection to yourself in your day-to-day-journey may help to boost your mood, allow for more understanding with heartache and suffering, promote healing and longevity to life, remind us to feel grateful, release negative thought patterns and habits, and bring more meaning and inspiration to our daily lives.

Opening to chin mudra, closing your eyes, sitting in sukhasana or baddha konasana, with awareness and an effort to connect to your spiritual side will allow for healing, clarity in the mind, to better problem solve, set and commit to attainable goals, as well as come back to a place of happiness, peace and contentment.

Christi Iacono
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