Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sign of the Times? Couple Places Ad to Buy Clairemont Home

A couple who want a home in Clairemont are pursuing unusual strategy: an ad in the local newspaper, the Clairemont Community News

Usually it's the folks who want to sell a house that advertise, but in Clairemont right now finding the perfect family home is tough. There aren't many listed for sale, and the ones that are get snapped up quickly. 

That's why Katie and Warren decided to try an ad in the CC News, hoping that someone who was selling a home in Clairemont would get in touch. They included a photo of themselves and their baby and the all-important words: "Cash Offer".

The couple hasn't found their dream home just yet so if you are ready to sell in Clairemont, why not get in touch with Katie and Warren?  

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