Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bike Sharing Coming to San Diego

City Council Approves Partnership for a New Transportation Option

Council President Todd Gloria announced recently that the City Council took a giant step toward finally bringing bike sharing to San Diego.

By a vote of 7-0, the City Council approved a corporate partnership agreement with DecoBike, LLC for the financing, implementation, management, and operation of a self-service bike sharing system for a 10 year term. “I appreciate that this agreement represents a capital investment to the City valued at $7.2 million, I’m more excited about this latest way of delivering a new transportation option to San Diegans,” said Council President Gloria.

Bike sharing has been implemented effectively in many major cities, including Washington, D.C.  Bikes are secured at stations and available for public rental.  Users can then park them at any station when their rides are complete.

Council President Gloria noted that in addition to increasing the number of bikes in our City, bike sharing could increase transit ridership by providing a new option linking transit riders to their destinations.

“Imagine, people will be able take the trolley, Coaster, or Bus Rapid Transit from other areas of the County into Downtown, and use bike sharing to explore areas or get to meetings and events that aren’t within easy walking distance from transit,” said Council President Gloria.

This effort, which began last year under the leadership of then-Mayor Jerry Sanders, will generate great benefit to the community and will be implemented citywide, likely between January and March 2014.
§  Number of bikes: 1,800 – 2,200
§  Number of stations: 180 – 220
§  Number of bike docks: 3,240 – 3,960

Now that the City has a bike sharing partner, DecoBike will begin the process of gathering community input and designing the network.  This process will include the selection of bike share station sites.  Means of providing input will be publicized as additional information is available.

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