Monday, September 9, 2013

No In-N-Out for Balboa Mesa

This letter was sent out this afternoon from the owners of the Balboa Mesa center, regarding the proposed In-N-Out :
After significant consideration and debate, Regency Centers will not be proceeding with the In-N-Out Burger at Balboa Mesa. While this decision was a difficult one, it was made in the best interest of the shopping center. 
Unfortunately, during his tenure, former Mayor Bob Filner and his administration imposed numerous restrictions on the In-N-Out drive-thru. These restrictions became so severe that ultimately it did not make sense to move forward with this portion of the project. Regency Centers will be moving forward quickly to identify one or more new tenants to replace In-N-Out. We remain committed to finishing the redevelopment of Balboa Mesa Shopping Center and we expect all phases to be completed in late 2014. 
Regency Centers sincerely thanks you, and all of our supporters. The In-N-Out portion of the project never would have gotten this far without you. We appreciate your continued support of the Balboa Mesa Shopping Center and we look forward to continued discussions as we proceed with our plans. 

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