Friday, September 6, 2013

Shopping Center News: Party City to Relocate

A lot of Clairemont's attention has been focused on the renovation of the Balboa Mesa shopping center at Balboa and Genesee, particularly the controversy over the potential In-N-Out.

That isn't the only center being renovated at that busy intersection; the center on the northeast corner, Genesee Plaza, is in the midst of a renovation as well.  We have already seen Ralphs depart and Home Depot expand, and the Blockbuster store become a Panera Bread restaurant.  Across the parking lot, local favorite Voltero's moved to a new place on Convoy and a Five Guys and Chipotle are taking their place.

This week, questions about the future of Party City and the other shops between Target and Home Depot started to pop up on Facebook, and rumors of a Whole Foods to come were swirling too.  I spoke to the agent for the center and got the following facts:

  • There is no Whole Foods coming to that location.
  • Party City will be relocated to a new building and will occupy a smaller spot near Marshall's while it is being built.
  • Payless and the center management are discussing relocation. 
  • The other stores, Catherine's and Fashion Scene will be leaving the center. 
  • The spaces in the section next to Panera up to Taste of China all have leases that are up at the end of the year.  Those tenants will be moving out and the building will be remodeled.
  • A new vegan restaurant, Native Foods, will go into the remodeled area next to Panera sometime next year.
  • The former gas station on the corner in front of Albertson's has issues related to its former use, which are being addressed, although that is a long process.
Thanks to Kay Campbell of Morris and Campbell for the update!


  1. Thumbs up to the vegan restaurant!

  2. Native Foods will be a welcome addition! They have great food!

  3. any update on what is being built next to target?

  4. any update as to what is being built next to target?

  5. It looks like a Pet Smart. Sure wish it was a Trader Joes or Whole Foods. I'm so tired of having to drive to La Jolla I think I'll just start making my own food.


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