Friday, September 20, 2013

Ten Minutes With a Trainer

Find Your Target Heart Rate Zone
by Josh Perez, Truself Training

If you want to use your heart rate to help you exercise safely or properly, you’ll first need to figure out your heart rate zones. Though you might be tempted to use a heart rate zone chart like the ones that appear on gym walls and cardio equipment instructions, which lets you approximate a target heart rate zone for exercise based on your age, it’s important to realize these charts aren’t accurate.

Using your specific target heart zone will help you to burn maximal calories from fat!  Here is a simple formula to use:
220 minus your AGE minus your RESTING PULSE = Y
Then simply use .75 for the higher end target heart rate.

Tracking Your Heart Rate
Use a heart rate monitor for the best accuracy.  Although not entirely accurate, you can use the metal sensors on the treadmill but I recommend wiping down the sensors first to give a more credible reading.

Finally, don’t give much credence to the number of calories your heart rate monitor might tell you you’re burning--they can overestimate by up to 20%!

Josh Perez is been in the fitness industry for 12 years and has been involved with personal training, sports specific conditioning, athletic training, injury prevention, weight loss, muscle gain, endurance athlete training, and elite athlete conditioning. For the past 5 years he developed personal trainers and worked with them to grow and maintain their business so that they could be successful in this industry. Contact him at

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