Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alcott Elementary Gets Magnificent Mural

By Philip Weisbecker

Artist Myriah McGlynn has been working with the San Diego Unified School District for 7 years now.  Last year, with her grandfather(s) as her inspiration, she began adding educational murals which provide vivid color filled with encouragement for the children attending classes at Alcott Elementary.

She began with Sesame St. characters which progressed into the wonderful mural which adorns the auditorium portion of the school at the entrance on Hidalgo Avenue. An owl themed mural was requested by the principal of the school and a fundraiser was held to help with funding for the project.
Myriah is a native to San Diego and graduated with a Fine Studio Art degree from UCSD with her emphasis in Painting and Drawing. She is currently working with The Infusion Project locally to promote her enthusiastic art when she is not working her day job as a preschool teacher for disadvantaged children.
Myriah has also developed a specialized curriculum which she offers through “Mobile Art Classes” which can be provided to preschools and other organizations throughout San Diego County.

We are thankful to Myriah, and principal Michelle Riley, for providing inspiration to the community, and hopeful that additional public educational facilities in Clairemont will add more color to the campuses of our youth.  

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