Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodwill: The Green Alternative for Halloween

Individuals and families seeking affordable Halloween costumes and d├ęcor need to look no further than any one of the 20 Goodwill stores in San Diego County. “All you need is a sense of humor and little imagination to create a unique display or costume from the bargains found at Goodwill,” said Sharon Corrigan, Director of Communications.

Goodwill’s employees are a great resource this time of year, and would love to help you create your own unique vision. To get you started, here are a few easy ideas to build a costume at Goodwill:

  • Zombie:  All you really need is an oversized Jacket and pants and a little makeup.
  • Cowboy/girl – Find jeans or a short denim skirt, a plaid shirt, a vest, a bandana and a hat, pull on your boots and you’ll be ready to ride.
  • Princess – Find a full skirt or ball gown, have fun with paint and glitter, add a tiara, and you’ll be ready for Prince Charming.
  • Vampire – Grab dark skirts, pants and shirts or tees, or even a vintage tuxedo- get creative with your makeup and some paint and wait till dark.
  • Witch – Start with black pants, tights, a short skirt, shirt or a black dress. Grab a tall pointy hat and some sort of a rope or tie as a belt. Take a lightweight inexpensive whisk broom attach it to your belt and you’re ready for some high-flying fun.
  • Traffic light – Start with a black leotard or sweat suit- . Draw three circles on the front and cut small holes around the perimeter. Cut or rip 3 tees into strips - red, yellow and green, or take some red, yellow and green ribbon and thread it through the holes. Cut another row of holes inside and repeat until you have filled in the circles with one color. Check it out in the mirror, and get ready to stop traffic.

Goodwill is the obvious eco-friendly alternative to pre-fab costumes in a bag. You are reusing and recycling, and helping Goodwill create jobs in the community with every purchase.

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is an autonomous, local 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, part of an international network of independent local charities sharing a common vision. Goodwill’s mission is ‘To get people with disabilities and other barriers to employment jobs by developing their skills and work habits through training and real work.’ Our purpose is ‘Getting People Jobs.’ We offer employment related programs that serve people with varying levels of ability, giving everyone the skills, the time and the confidence to get to work.

San Diego's Goodwill chooses NOT to conduct traditional fundraising activities; we use the revenue we gain from selling donated items; fee-for-service, reuse, recycling and salvage activities to fund the operation of paid job training programs and employment services. The things you no longer need become the product we use to give real work experience to your neighbors. The local Goodwill has nearly 1,300 employees in San Diego County, and is headquartered in Pt. Loma.

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