Friday, October 11, 2013

Learn to Meditate Free

Meditation is a word which has been defined and interpreted in many different ways, from reflecting deeply on a subject, concentrating on an object, to sitting quietly with closed eyes.

Meditation in Sahaja Yoga begins with your Self-Realization, the awakening of a subtle inner energy within you that leads to a state known as “thoughtless awareness.”  This state occurs effortlessly when the mind is not disturbed by thoughts, yet remains perfectly aware, something that is achieved when you are connected to your Spirit.

The practice of meditation in Sahaja Yoga is simple, universal and can be achieved at home or in the office, alone or with others.  The basis of the technique is the awakening of the energy of pure desire within everyone to connect with their Spirit.  It is an experience of effortless meditation, rather than any exercise of mindfulness or concentration.

Join us weekly for free, instructor-led classes at the Sahaja Meditation Center, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #222, to experience the long-lasting benefits you and your family (kids included) can achieve through daily meditation the Sahaja Yoga way. For more information call 619-808-5692 or visit


  1. Hey, I am scared to meditate, I was once in complete silence and wanted to try to meditate for the first time. I crossed my legs and began to try and feel the energy of my body. I went deeper and deeper into my focus and then for some reason I felt as if I was leaving my body, but also as if I was entering it, it was weird. For some reason I had the feeling I might get stuck, so I pulled myself out, I even felt myself pulling myself out, I stopped the meditation, and went to sleep scared. I have not meditated since then. thanks!
    inner light and sound meditation

  2. If we really consider how we learn in the modern world, we realize that despite all our emphasis on education, our education is one- sided and shallow. We may learn to memorize equations and facts, but we do not really learn to understand and develop our own inner life. Our minds remain scattered and our emotions persist as negative, conflicting forces. We are able to use only a small portion of our mental abilities, because we are preoccupied with confusion, fear, and inner conflict. Meditation helps us to overcome these limitations; it helps us to become aware of the subtler and more positive powers within. In gaining this awareness, we become creative and dynamic. Abilities such as intuition, which many consider unusual or rare, are actually within the potential of all human beings who meditate. Such gifts are available to those who make contact with the deeper aspects within themselves.

    Universal Meditation


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