Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clairemont Dogs Have it Made!

By Lola Stice

It’s Saturday afternoon and you are headed out the door and your fur-baby is looking at you with those big, soulful eyes. “Take me with you, please! I’ll be a good doggy!” they seem to say. But where to go?

San Diego is known for being one of the most pet friendly cities in the U.S. It is not just our comfortable climate that makes it easy to provide a great life for a beloved pet. We have many great dog parks and after a vigorous play session, lots of great places that make our pets welcome while we humans enjoy a snack or beverage. Best of all, many are either in or very close to Clairemont!

Here are a few nearby areas to walk your best friend and get in a little play time:

Kearney Mesa Dog Park, 3170 Armstrong St (at Mesa College Dr): An acre of fenced in doggy fun, with water fountains, potty bags and restrooms. This area is lit at night and does not have separate sections for large and small dogs.

Gershwin Neighborhood Park, 3471 Conrad Ave: This little park is not fenced nor is it a designated dog park, but it’s a pretty place to stroll with your buddy on leash.

Cadman Park, 4280 Avati Dr (between Moraga Ct & Wayne Ln): Great view of mission bay, grass and fairly good parking.  Your fur baby will enjoy it and you will love the view on a beautiful fall day.

Marion Bear Canyon Park, Genesee and Hwy 52: This is an awesome place to walk your dog, but beware of several potential dangers such as snakes, poison ivy and loiterers. Keep your dog on a leash, wear long pants and keep your eyes open and this can be a real adventure for you and your dog.

Clairemont Square is NOT a dog park but it’s large and its many areas of sidewalk provide lots of opportunity for your pet to get in a nice leash walk while you shop or socialize. Plus many of the businesses there are welcoming to pets.  For example, why not grab breakfast at Arly’s French CafĂ©? You will find folks with dogs in their outdoor seating every morning.

The food court at Clairemont Square is also frequented by many pet owners.  Dogs are not allowed indoors but your pup will enjoy the sunshine while you order and seat yourself outside. It’s a great place to grab a quick lunch outside with your pet.

Ace Hardware and PetCo both give dog biscuits to their four legged customers and Massage Envy keeps a dog bowl full of water outside the door at all times.

Do you need a brew? Helm Brewery, Societe and Coronado Brewery tasting rooms, all located nearby, are all dog friendly.  Helm and Coronado even sell dog biscuits made from repurposed mash. Yum! And don’t forget O’Brien’s on Convoy. They have a great dog friendly patio that will let you and your dog enjoy some socializing.

Drop down to the Morena area and you can have a lovely brunch on the patio at Kitchen 4140 or enjoy

a pizza on isa.bella’s patio. Bay Park Fish House welcomes dogs on the patio and Bulls BBQ even brings your pet his own bowl of water and a fresh BBQ bone.

Remember, where ever you go with your dog: pick up after your pet, check the rules, observe good doggie manners and don’t lock your pet in a hot car!

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