Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Publisher's Letter: After 7 Years, a Big Change is Coming

by Janet Miller

I’ve often been asked how I ended up publisher of the Clairemont Community News.   My brother Dave had the idea to create a local paper that would inform and entertain readers, plus serve as an advertising medium for businesses and organizations in the community of Clairemont/Bay Park. Together with the rest of the family we launched the CC News and 7 years ago in October 2006 the first issue was delivered to all the houses in Clairemont, as it has every month since (86 times now!).  5 years ago this month, the Clairemont Community News became an independent company, and I became the sole owner and publisher of the newspaper.

These days the CC News broadcasts Clairemont and Bay Park news on a daily basis via Clairemont.com. I can be more responsive to news as it happens through the month—gone are the days when you had to wait for the next issue to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood.  It also means that some of you no longer read the physical version of the paper because you follow it online.

Starting in January 2014, I am making a big change at the CCNews that I hope will be seen as a benefit to the community.  In the interest of reducing our ecological footprint, the CC News will discontinue “blanket” delivery of the newspaper.

If you reside in a single family home and would like to continue receiving the CC News as you have been for years, please e-mail a request to delivery@clairemont.com with your name and address. You may also mail a request to PO Box 17134, San Diego, CA 92177.  

If you would like to have the newspaper mailed to you, rather than tossed in your driveway, you can purchase a subscription for just $15 annually. If I don’t hear from you, you will not receive a paper at your home.

Don’t forget, I will still be printing and delivering the CC News and you can still pick up a copy each month at over 70 drop spots throughout the neighborhood, including our bright orange street racks.    A complete map of drop spots is available at Clairemont.com, but if you would prefer a paper list mailed to you, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Drop Spots, Box 17134, San Diego, CA 92177.

Online, you can subscribe to the Clairemont Central blog, “Like” Clairemont Community News on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @clairemontnews.  I also have a great weekly email newsletter that you can subscribe to for free. The current issue is of the newspaper is always posted on Clairemont.com, as are selected back issues.

Over this past 5 years, I have had the benefit of a tremendous amount of support from the community in the form of stories, photos, encouraging letters and of course, advertisers. I am deeply grateful.
My hope for the paper has always been that it benefits the community, whether that be by publicizing the mission of non-profits in the area, recognizing the great students at our public schools, or just sharing interesting stories about the history of Clairemont.

Whether you have faithfully read every issue of the paper or this is your first one, I thank you for your interest and for your support of the advertisers that make this newspaper possible.  

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