Friday, December 6, 2013

An Alternative "12 Days of Christmas" Gift List

Does the holiday shopping frenzy turn you off? This is for those of you who want to add a meaningful dimension to your gift-giving during this season.

Helping out a non-profit or community helper is a wonderful way to spread the spirit of the holidays and banish the shopping crazies.  Whether you donate money, time or something else, you truly honor the spirit of the holidays by supporting the people and groups working to make this a better world.

One goat from the Heifer Project to provide milk and a way to make money for a struggling family
Two tickets to a ball game donated to the Monarch School for homeless teens.
Three Backpacks to Polinsky Children’s Center
Four dozen donuts to your neighborhood firehouse
Five bags of kitty litter or dog food to the local animal shelter
Six children’s books donated to a local public library
Seven five dollar bills ($35) to Doctors Without Borders to provide measles vaccine to 35 people
Eight hours volunteering at the USO  providing support and entertainment to men and women in the military.
Nine stops delivering meals from Mama’s Kitchen to men, women, and children who are affected by AIDS.
Ten dollars donated to the Salvation Army to support the Door of Hope program for teen mothers.
Eleven hours volunteering with Elder Help of San Diego visiting home bound seniors.
Twelve pairs of new tube socks handed out to the homeless downtown.

And for you, a great feeling of having made a difference in your community!  Happy Holidays!

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