Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Publisher's Letter: Happy New Year Clairemont and Bay Park!

If you live, work or play in Clairemont and Bay Park, you know it has awesome canyon and bay views, a sunny-but-not-too-hot climate and a central location that add up to the best community in America's Finest City.

We are truly blessed here, despite the crumbling streets and other infrastructure troubles. Clairemont is home to an exciting variety of public schools, no less than 3 public libraries (each with a vibrant program of free events), and 3 rec centers with a full slate of activities and events.  We have lovely parks--do you know how many?-- and the canyons provide a bit of wild green space for hiking.

Beyond the physical features that make this a great place to live are the people who live here. Sure, every neighborhood, has its grouches, but we are fortunate to have many Clairemont and Bay Park residents who pitch in and volunteer in the community. The Clairemont Town Council, the Clairemont Chamber of Commerce, the Morena Business Association, the Clairemont Planning Group--just some examples of all-volunteer organizations working for the betterment of the entire community.

On a spiritual level, you will find many houses of worship in our neighborhood, the diversity of which reflects the diversity of our citizens.

As publisher of your community newspaper for the last 7+ years it has been my privilege to meet many interesting people in Clairemont and Bay Park. I've shared their stories with you and have been gratified by the response. Cancer fundraisers, school supply drives, our local theatre group's productions-- all have found supporters through the CC News readership. I couldn't be happier about that.

I'm also happy to know that the CC News has been a successful vehicle for promoting local businesses. When an advertiser tells me they get new customers every month from their ad I know the paper is doing its "second" job. Along with spreading the local news, the CC News was intended to be a way for local businesses to reach local customers.  That's why I've keep ad prices the same as they were in 2008, because I want Clairemont and Bay Park area businesses to have an affordable, effective way to reach customers right in their neighborhood.

2013 was filled with notable events, both local and on the world stage, that affected all of us. As always it was a mix of happy and sad. I hope your mix was heavy on the smile side. On my smile side is all the people who read the paper and/or blog.  Thank you for your feedback too!

My wish for you, and for us all, is that 2014 will be healthy, happy and prosperous.  Happy New Year Clairemont and Bay Park!

Janet K Poutre
P.S. If you read this far, thank you. Yes my name has changed, I was married yesterday. :-)

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