Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Support Theatre in Clairemont!

Clairemont Act One Community Theatre, now halfway through its third season, has reason to celebrate this Christmas: Clairemont Act One Community Theatre is now a 501(c)3! After almost a year of waiting, the IRS recently sent the group its letter granting it status as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

This means that any donation made to Clairemont Act One is now TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  If you are looking for a good cause to put your pennies toward before the New Year rolls around, consider investing in Clairemont Act One—the only community theatre group currently operating in our area.

Creating productions for our friends and neighbors requires time, energy, and, most of all, money! Clairemont Act One is especially in need of funds to finance space rental.  Your donation could help us bring our work out of our living rooms and into new realms of professionalism.

Interested in donating?  Contact Clairemont Act One’s President, Katie Turner, today!  Email or call (970) 903-8924.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Support Theatre in your Neighborhood with a Tax Deductible Donation Today!

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