Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Look at Plans for Clairemont Village Center

At the January meeting of the Clairemont Mesa Planning Group, one of the information items was the  Proposed Master Plan for Clairemont Village Shopping Center, located on Clairemont Dr. at Burgener Blvd. Chris Smith, Representing Kleege Enterprises, shared a preliminary look at what the owner has in mind for this shopping center.

Here is a link to the power point slides he used.  Please keep in mind this is at the beginning stages, so none of what you see is final. There are some interesting visuals and information about this neighborhood.


  1. there were comment's left on here, what happened to them?

  2. I think a RED LOBSTER would be PERFECT there. Clairemont Needs a decent fish restaurant. Bay Park Fish is great but expensive and VERY hard to park at and is small. RED LOBSTER PLEASE!!!!!!

  3. These additional residential units would be a nightmare to the area. The project is proposing 156 residential units. Assuming that each unit has 2 cars that would mean the area would need to handle another 312 cars. The project is only going to provide 274 stalls so another 38 cars will need to park on the street. And this is a conservative estimate as most families have more than 2 cars and we are not accounting for guests to the area. The street parking on Cowley and the surrounding streets is already very tight and the thought of additional cars in the area is nothing short of unbearable. Also, all the cars that currently park in the lot behind Kiel’s would be displaced and have to park on the street. There would literally be no place for the current residents to park in the area. Bay Park simply cannot handle these additional residences and should show support so we can protect our community.

    Also, the developers are trying to get a variance for the building height to reach 57 feet. A project at 57 feet would ruin all views for the surrounding residents and would significantly decrease property values. The only upside to this redevelopment is to allow the owner/developer to get richer while it decreases the asset values of the citizens who care about and have lived in this community for years.

  4. I have had people tell me that they herd a Walmart was going in there. Walmart were Keil's is and new Apartment's in the back behind it, where are people going to park just to shop let alone the people that live in that area of Clairemont park that come home from work? And if you want to eat at Home Town Buffett, you'd better want take out. What about the Apartments in the back? 156 new ones? and their parking, will they have to fight for the "New Store's" parking as well when they come home? And the Apartment's down CLMT Dr. And the family's they have their homes all around that small mall. And now comes my point, small. Keil's is a perfect store. It's family and neighborhood come first has always been their motto. Ok, maybe the mall could use some fixing up, but don't push out was has worked for over 24 years. And like i said, small, that mall is way to small for a Walmart. I will keep up on what i hear and see if anyone else hears anything, please post and share.

  5. Does anybody read this?? just wondering if anyone has herd anything besides rumors?

  6. Yes I read the comments, and no haven't heard anything new on this. Have a message in to the developer's rep to see what the status is, I will post any info I get.

  7. what is the latest on this redevelopment?

    1. The last info I got from the owner was that they were spending time and money on engineers and surveyors etc. They aren't ready to submit anything new yet in the way of plans.


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