Friday, April 4, 2014

2nd Annual Fast Times 5K & Clairemont Day at the Bay on April 12th

2013 Clairemont Day At the Bay
The Clairemont Hills Kiwanis is preparing to hold the 2nd annual Fast Times 5K run on Saturday April 12th, 2014, followed by the Clairemont Day at the Bay program. This race/walk, sponsored by the Clairemont Hill Kiwanis in cooperation with the Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation, will raise funds for the schools and put emphasis on healthy life styles for our youth.We encourage parents, students, and friends to take part. The races will begin at 7:00am. To register please go to

After the races, the Clairemont Day at the Bay family activities will begin. The first year was a real success with many community members coming to find out what is going on in our community schools in a family-friendly fun and interactive way. This year over 50 booths will share info about all 19 public schools in Clairmont/Bay park along with community partners. It's FREE and all are welcome.

The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation is working with several local organizations and the schools to set up family focused activities and showcase the schools for the community. Local sponsors such as AXA Financial, K-Co Construction and Seiko Properties have come forward to help support the days’ events with Mission Federal stepping forward to give tremendous support.

The funds raised from the race will benefit the Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation which supports the students in public schools in the community of Clairemont. This support will be through partnerships with businesses, organizations and residents within the community of Clairemont to assist the schools with financial support and in kind contributions for programs and projects as requested by school administrations and classroom teachers.

The Fast Times 5K race and Clairemont Day at the Bay activities will benefit the foundation by building community awareness of the foundation, further build relationships with local businesses and organizations and give the public schools within the community an opportunity to interact with public and share all that they have to offer.


  1. See you tomorrow! We can't wait to be a part of this AWESOME event! Clairemont Day at the Bay DJ's 2014 that's us Preferred Mobile Music N' Promotion Events ( A huge shout to all the schools and community that support us, if you missed any of you we're so so sorry, but we'll see you tomorrow! Whooohooo!

  2. The Clairemont community of Girl Scouts will be there with some great activities! Come join the fun!!!!!


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